Art and Culture - Exclusive Spain
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Art and Culture


A mere fraction of Spain’s magnificent and expansive history is stored in its galleries and museums, and Exclusive Spain unlocks centuries more through personal after hours museum tours with gallery directors, and private tours of impressive personal art collections gathered over generations, stored in stately homes.


Spain’s cultural heritage is not just contained in art – bullfighting is one of the defining characteristics of Spain’s cultural history. Exclusive Spain brings you the full experience, through private bull breeding ranch tours, introductions and interviews with professional bullfighters at the top of their class, and for bold and bravehearted travelers, a first hand chance to dodge a charging baby bull!


As experts on Spanish culture, Exclusive Spain understands that flamenco is more than just dance; it is an expression of gypsy culture, and a way of life. Exclusive Spain’ exploration of flamenco culture will take you far from the beaten path, and to private performances in local caves, heart to heart interviews with performers, and even to personal flamenco lessons.

“Courage and grace is a formidable mixture. The only place to see it is the bullring.”
– Marlene Dietrich