Gastronomy and Wine - Exclusive Spain
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Gastronomy and Wine


Spain’s world renowned gourmet restaurants are consistently praised by the world’s top food critics, underscoring the importance of dining and eating in Spain. As a pillar of Spanish culture, indulging in tapas, seafood, and paella is an experience beyond taste. Dine like a true Spaniard, letting internationally famed chefs teach you to cook exquisite gourmet recipes in private cooking classes, taking private visits to olive mills and vineyards for tours led by their owners, and embarking on shopping and sampling tours through bustling Spanish food markets.


For wine-lovers, come along on private tapas tours to learn how to pair decadent Spanish wines with the best food Spain has to offer, and pay a visit to the most exclusive wineries in Spain to put on your best sommelier impression, delighting in wines that only a select few ever taste.

“If there is one thing all Spaniards share, it’s a love of food and drink.”
– José Andres