North - Exclusive Spain
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letra-wWild and beautiful, the northern coast of Spain is less traveled by non-Spaniards, yet hosts incredible regions like Basque country and La Rioja, offering world renowned restaurants, moody skies, a culture and language unlike any other, eye popping art, untouched natural scenery and virgin beaches, and much more, all waiting to be explored!

“Everyone who has visited the Basque country longs to return…”
– Victor Hugo

School yourself with a private cooking lesson in a 400 year old culinary society, or head backstage at the San Sebastian Film Festival, up close and personal with international actors and actresses.



Bilbao and San Sebastián







Rias and Picos de Europa


PAÍS VASCO: Bilbao and San Sebastián

Bilbao: From a burgeoning culinary scene to the grand Guggenheim museum, Bilbao has become much more than San Sebastian’s little brother, offering architecture, urban culture, art collections, and local music. Despite being densely packed with sights and activities, Bilbao is small enough to be explored in a day on foot.  No visit to the Basque Country – recognized throughout Spain for its gastronomic greatness – would be complete without trying “pintxos”, the local version of tapas.


San Sebastian: San Sebastian, or Donostia in the regional language, contains equally stunning vistas and local dishes. A stone’s throw from France, San Sebastian is famous for its unique blend of cuisines, and the international Film Festival epitomizes the city’s new, glamorous culture. Be sure to visit in the Summer, where you can enjoy some of Spain’s best sun bleached beaches and swimming.


The city of Santiago has Celtic origins, with a wealth of tradition stored in its fascinating architecture. We offer a wide array of historic itineraries along The Way, to be discovered by foot, horseback, bike, car, or boat. Cross charming mountain hamlets, villages overflowing with tradition and history, quiet fishing towns, and endless wild beaches on your travels through Santiago.


La Rioja is prime Spanish wine country; in just this tiny area, there are hundreds of wineries to choose from. Come in autumn, and drive for miles through serene golden, red, and yellow fields as the leaves change in the vineyards. Longroño, the capital of La Rioja, is considered the culinary capital of Spain, treating you to Spain’s finest cuisine alongside its exquisite wines. Nearby Laguardia also holds key pieces of Spanish history, offering an excellent insight to Spain’s past.


Navarra, its infamous Running of the Bulls forever immortalised in the novels of Ernest Hemingway, is a region encompassing an incredible crossroads of culture and landscapes. As rhythms from the fiestas of San Fermin dance down from the North, beckoning you to move your feet to the steady step of pilgrims traveling from Santiago to the West, cold blue mountain air breezes in from the Pyrenees of the East, clearing the skies, allowing you to admire the rugged desert landscape of the Bardenas Reales to the South. Discover these beauties, possibilities and much more in the ancient Reyno de Navarra (Kingdom of Navarre).

ASTURIAS: Rias and Picos de Europa

A natural paradise, a third of Asturian territory is environmentally protected. Travellers to this region encounter picturesque virgin landscapes, quaint fishing villages, and a boisterous culture bound by hard apple cider.


Any self respecting adventurer must visit the Costa da Morte. Miles of rugged coastline, hemmed by endless cliffs carved out over eons by strong currents and sudden storms, Costa da Morte receives its name from the many shipwrecks along the coastline. The landscape is dotted with shrines asking heaven for mercy. For the Romans, this was ‘Finis Terrae’ – the end of the world.


Cantabria’s unique combination of breathtaking coasts, tranquil countryside, deep valleys, majestic mountains and seaside towns mean this region is truly a pleasure like no other to explore. Cantabria dances with rich Spanish traditions, unseen by typical tourists. Come face to face with some of the oldest and most impressive cave art in the world, discover the fairy tale medieval village of Santillana del Mar, and adventure through the Picos de Europa mountains.