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The Canary Islands – Exclusive Spain Newest Destination!

The Canary Islands – Exclusive Spain Newest Destination!

To the Greeks and Romans, the Canary Islands were known as the Happy Islands, the Garden of the Hesperides, or Atlantida. Some even suppose that the lost island of Atlantis was once found here. As a holiday destination, temperatures averaging 20-25 degrees Celsius make these islands the perfect getaway, which is why Exclusive Travels have just added it to our destinations.

The Canary Islands are massively diverse and offer something unique for each traveler. Fuerteventura is the place to relax on long and sandy beaches; La Gomera is an island to explore; La Palma is the place to escape. Lanzarote’s majestic volcano is a striking backdrop for hiking; Tenerife’s luxury shops and exciting nightlife make it the island that never sleeps.

Break up your sunbathing with:

  • A private visit to a winery followed by lunch and/ or a wine therapy treatment
  • Speleology visits through the biggest lava tunnels in Europe
  • Private painting tours with local artists
  • Road trips, with private car & driver, to discover the majestic landscapes, volcanoes, sand dunes, forests and lava fields that the archipelago has to offer
  • Impressive bird watching during the migration from Europe to Africa
  • Exclusive stays in hand-picked hotels
  • Private sailing along white beaches that contrast with black volcano cliffs